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Adding an Alias to an Apache Virtual Host

I was wanting to add an alias to a virtual host on an apache webserver. This alias needed to be available only from a specific IP based virtual host. With the exception of the aliased directory the rest of the virtual hosts content is the same as the main site. Below I have included an […]

Disabling Directory Indexing in Apache

Search through your httpd.conf and place a – in front of all the Indexes entries. For example the entry:

Options Indexes FollowSymLinks

would become

Options -Indexes FollowSymLinks

Save your changes and restart apache.

Immutable File under FreeBSD

Under FreeBSD if you want to make a file immutable you need to use the chflags command as follows: chflags schg filename /* Sets file immutable */ chflags noschg filename /* Removes immutability */

The above flags require super-user access to the system. Files can be set as immutable by normal users using the […]

Immutable File under Linux

To make a file immutable on an ext2/ext3 filesystem you need to use the chattr program. Examples of its use are as follows: chattr +i filename /* Makes file immutable */ chattr -i filename /* Removes immutability from the file */

To list the special attributes of the file use:

lsattr filename

MD5 checksums using gpg

To get a MD5 Checksum using gpg you would use the following syntax:

gpg –print-md md5 filename.txt