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Disable Dashboard

I found some directions on on how to disable dashboard. You might wonder why you would want to do this. I have chosen to use Konfabulator instead. Yahoo recently purchased Konfabulator and offer it for free.

Here is the hint so I don’t forget it.

Some people have claimed memory or performance problems […]

TLA Post – Three Letter Acronyms

Here I am listing all the acronyms that I want to remember. Yes some are larger than 3 letters…

TCP Transmission Control Protocol IP Internet Protocol ICMP Internetwork Control Message Block ARP Address Resolution Protocol RARP Reverse Address Resolution Protocol IPX Internetwork Packet Exchange CSMA/CD Carrier Sense Multiple Access with Collision Detection FDDI Fiber Distributed […]

NFS with MacOS

This is kind of rough at the moment but it will be cleaned up soon.

I have a FreeBSD server setup here at home that I use as a file server. I share some mount points off of it for mp3s and my home directories. Up until recently I just used Samba for all my […]

Free from the web take 1

Well here we are. Welcome to the first installment of Free from the web. In this part of my blog I will be covering free things that I find on the internet. Possible items you might find here are free software, free music, free pictures and free whatever else I find on the internet.


Protocols and their Addresses

Logical Address Construction Protocol Total Address Length Bits in Network Portion Bits in Host Portion TCP/IP 32 Class A – 8 Class B – 16 Class C – 24 Class A – 24 Class B – 16 Class C – 8 IPX 80 32 or less (only significant digits listed) 48 bits (MAC address) […]

Data Encapsulation

5 step Data Encapsulation Process Layer Steps Example Data Type Upper Layers User information is converted into data. The user requests that the browser open a Web page. Data Transport Data is converted into segments for tranport across the network. The Transport layer adds a header indicating that an HTTP process is requested. Segment […]

Secret Message

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Awesome RC Plane!

Save Terminal Output

To save a script of your terminal activity you can use the ‘script’ program. Simply type: script /some/outputfile To end the recording type: exit This will generate a text file that has recorded all the activities you have carried out while the program is running. This is very useful when you want to record output […]