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Adventures of iGuy

I now introduce you to The Adventures of iGuy!

FreeBSD 800×600 Console

In order to enable the 800×600 console on my FreeBSD workstation I had to add the following entries to my kernel configuration.

options VESA


After rebuilding my kernel I had to add the following line to my /etc/rc.conf

allscreens_flags=”-g 100×37 VESA_800x600″

After doing both I rebooted and it is now beautiful!

Windows Info

winmsd at a run prompt will bring up all the info on your MS Windows system.

Waldorf Schools

Wow here read this… look good?

Keep reading…

Now read this…


Automatic Updates on FreeBSD

I run a nightly cron job to keep my ports and src up to date on my freebsd machines. I have included below the crontab entries so I don’t forget them. I know they aren’t hard but I am working on the whole documentation thing.

# This is my stuff 0 5 * * * […]

Owning a Computer

Of all things that I have to talk about let’s talk about owning your own computer. Many of you can relate to the great joy of having your own computer. You have the freedom to create and learn whatever you find or put your mind to. Computers can be great tools in education, work aids, […]

NSU Konfabulator Widget

I have developed a Konfabulator Widget and thought I would post it here for download. The widget itself isn’t anything spectacular. Remember it is my first. the widget allows the user to search three of the NSU websites using google. The sites that the user can search are: Anything ending with

If […]