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New Orleans Explained

Online Photo Gallery

I have been taking digital pictures for the past few years and begun to gather quite a collection of them. I would love to put them all on the web but I don’t think I have enough space for them all. However if you would like to see the pictures that I do have […]

w.bloggar v.4.00

Well I decided to download a copy of w.bloggar today to see how well it worked. This is my first test using it. We shall see.

I have been looking for a Windows desktop program to add posts to my blog. The idea is that with a desktop tool perhaps I can be more productive […]

Netscape 7.2 Fix

Ok so there is the new IDN buffer overflow hole that has been discovered in all Mozilla products. I have played with it some and found that thankfully the same temp patch they released for FireFox 1.0.6 works for Netscape 7.2. The information page that contains the patch is located here: It also contains […]

Get the Last Insert ID from MySQL

To get the id you should use for entering a new entry into the database you can use: SELECT last_insert_id( ) FROM tablename.

Documentation Here:

I tried my luck and lost…

While we were gone on vacation I recieved a little pink tube in the mail. I thought to myself “What is this?”. Opening the tube I found a key. Hmmmm. A key! Quickly I scanned the inside of the tube again and found a flyer. “Come try you luck you may have the winning key!” […]

I survived Vacation!

I have survived vacation! Now the question is… Can I survive real life again? We will see. Looking in my email tonight it looks like I have about 800 messages to sort through. Thank goodness the University now has a spam filter, otherwise I would probably have 1500+ messages.