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Advice on Writing

To a schoolgirl in America who had written to request advice on writing:

It is very hard to give any general advice about writing. Here’s my attempt.

Turn off the Radio. Read all the good books you can, and avoid nearly all magazines. Always write (and read) with the ear, not the eye. You sh[ou]d. […]

Even Homeschools are not safe now…

It seems that even homeschools are not safe anymore…

There is an problem with kids today. I see it in the people that I work with and that I interact with each day. They believe that truth is relative, they have no value on life, Christianity is something they do but not really learn […]

Christmas gift ideas

Here is a Christmas gift idea for me! I love the comic strip Calvin & Hobbes so now you can get it all for me! 1440 pages in a nice hardcover edition. Just what I need. Plus my daughter will need some nice books to color in when we are not looking ;^)


I wait and it fails…

I eagerly awaited all day the time when I could come home and update my FreeBSD server to the 6.0-RELEASE. I got home ran my cvsup and started buildworld. I checked on it all evening. Finally at 12:35pm I walk in and what do I find?

makeinfo –no-split -I /storage/src/gnu/usr.bin/texinfo/doc -I /storga/src/gnu/usr.bin/texinfo/doc/../../../../contrib/texinfo/doc texinfo.texi -o […]

NOPROFILE is depreciated

While building FreeBSD 6.0-Release from cvsup source I found that I was getting the an error that NOPROFILE is depreciated. Sad thing is that this has probably been true for a while and I am just now noticing it. It seems that now I should use NO_PROFILE.