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Internet Fingerprints for 2009-10-31

Dear business people of the world. It is always helpful when dealing with tech support to include you phone # in you email signature. #

Internet Fingerprints for 2009-10-29

One of my favorite blogs to lose an evening on is: #

Internet Fingerprints for 2009-10-28

Some jerk tried to run me into the center barrier on I45 this morning. What a way to start the day. # I think I prefer US smarties to canadian smarties. #

Internet Fingerprints for 2009-10-25

Fixed most of my wiring problems I caused. Going to have to call in the big guns to fix the rest. #

Internet Fingerprints for 2009-10-23

Note to self. When you know your leaving late don't park in farthest, darkest corner of the lot. #

Internet Fingerprints for 2009-10-22

Right-click = BOOM Your application has experienced a fatal error. # Welcome Windows 7! Good night to the rest of you. #

Internet Fingerprints for 2009-10-21

Note to everyone looking for a job from me. If you have called me and emailed me 10 times and not heard back don't take it personally… # … There are over 600 people in the same position as you. I now know why I didnt always get a call per resume I submitted […]

Internet Fingerprints for 2009-10-20

Ah fall. I leave for work in the dark and arrive home in the dark. #

Death to Winzip!

At work I spend a decent amount of my day working with other peoples servers. Part of what I do requires me to extract hundreds or thousands of files from simple zip archives. On a new Windows Server 2003 or Windows Servers 2008 box this is no problem. However on servers this is difficult. Some administrators steeped in tradition still continue to download trial version of WinZip to their systems. These people do not seem to have caught on that Microsoft heard the message loud and clear years ago that a builtin zip solution was needed. The trial version of WinZip works great for the first few times it is used but then it wants you to register. It takes over all the archive extension associations and won’t let you use the builtin Zip handling. I am continually asking people to remove WinZip so that I can quickly and easily extract files.

For any administrators out there that read this let me suggest a few alternatives to the WinZip trial.

Built-In Zip Archive solution -¬ Windows XP, Vista, 7, 2003 & 2008 all include built-in support for server creating, modifying and extracting files from zip archives.
7-zip¬ – 7-zip is a wonderful FREE zip solution. Check it out.

Internet Fingerprints for 2009-10-18

Just got an FreeBSD/AMD64 machine setup last night. Never had a 64bit machine before. #

Internet Fingerprints for 2009-10-17

This afternoon saw Blackhawks in the sky and nice computers in the trash. #

Internet Fingerprints for 2009-10-15

Priceless. RT @codinghorror: rt @hotdogsladies You say, "I'm great at multitasking." I hear, "Delusion's made my carelessness scalable." # Watching OSS 117 on netflix. #

My son singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

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Internet Fingerprints for 2009-10-11

My apologies to my fater for losing so many of his tools over the years. Problem is I still lose tools. Just I have to buy more now. #

Internet Fingerprints for 2009-10-07

Kettle corn is the breakfast and lunch of champions. #