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Internet Fingerprints for 2010-09-29

New windows and repaired footing done! #

Internet Fingerprints for 2010-09-28

Finished book 17 for the year: Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Pretty dark but nice twist. # Do do doot. The parental unit you are trying to communicate with is no longer available. Please go to sleep and ask your questions tomorrow. # 4yr old question: Can you drive faster than giants walk? # […]

Internet Fingerprints for 2010-09-27

Just finished mounting new lights on my inlaws house. Now just waiting for lightbulbs to test It out. #

Internet Fingerprints for 2010-09-26

I am on vacation. Very nice… #

Internet Fingerprints for 2010-09-25

Sitting in a Mazzio's Pizza in Heavener, OK. 2 more hours to go. #

Internet Fingerprints for 2010-09-24

Day one of vacation has become. Just arrived in Alexandria, LA in time for check. Engine lite to come on. # I should have just rented a car for vacation. I might have saved money. # Car fixed. I should have listened to my father and become an engineer. Or better yet a mechanic. […]

Internet Fingerprints for 2010-09-20

Astros Game on a Sunday. Great time to spend the day. # Bonus. Didn't know there was a Mercy Me concert after the Astros game. # Mercy Me. # Otto saying "is the concert over yet?" # # […]

Internet Fingerprints for 2010-09-16

Trying to get my OpenBSD box in shape since I gave up my FreeBSD machine to my wife for a media center PC. # I am declaring tonight's trash run a success. New chair mat acquired! #

Internet Fingerprints for 2010-09-11

I hope all my fellow geeks and nerds had a wonderful 42. Today held the answer to everything do you know what it is? #

Internet Fingerprints for 2010-09-09

Book 16 for the year is in the can: Casino Royale. #

Internet Fingerprints for 2010-09-07

It was from the DR. We went to Dr nielson in Tulsa. We got an ultrasound every month. #

Internet Fingerprints for 2010-09-06

Great album for just $1. Give it a listen and a download!: #

Internet Fingerprints for 2010-09-04

Ahead Stop #