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Internet Fingerprints for 2010-12-30

came home to a broken window kicked out by my 4 year old son while trying to kick his mother. i think i sounded a bit like Bill Cosby… #

Internet Fingerprints for 2010-12-26

My wife won herself an iPad on twitter this morning! #

Internet Fingerprints for 2010-12-25

Christmas miricle! I won the golf round. # If you are in Spring, TX and want to see nicely choreographed lights go to: 19019 Sweden circle #

Internet Fingerprints for 2010-12-22

Question of the day: Did you get up and see the lunar eclipse? Thankfully there was a hole in the clouds here and I saw it for a second. # If you are in Houston and awake go see the eclipse and enjoy the nice night. # Almost out of debt! Then the daily […]

Internet Fingerprints for 2010-12-12

Book 23 for the year: A murder is announced by Agatha Christi. Jane Marple knows who did it. Do you? #

Internet Fingerprints for 2010-12-11

Of course of all my accounts in Google Apps mine would be the only one that would have a conflict and not be able to be transitioned… #