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IP Address Classes

There are 3 different classes of IP addresses that are commonly used.


Class A: first bit is 0

Class A: –

Class A: 2^24, 16,777,214 networks possible.

Class A: Subnet Mask

Class B: first two bits are 10

Class B: –

Class B: 2^16, 65,534 networks possible.

Class […]

TLA Post – Three Letter Acronyms

Here I am listing all the acronyms that I want to remember. Yes some are larger than 3 letters…

TCP Transmission Control Protocol IP Internet Protocol ICMP Internetwork Control Message Block ARP Address Resolution Protocol RARP Reverse Address Resolution Protocol IPX Internetwork Packet Exchange CSMA/CD Carrier Sense Multiple Access with Collision Detection FDDI Fiber Distributed […]

Protocols and their Addresses

Logical Address Construction Protocol Total Address Length Bits in Network Portion Bits in Host Portion TCP/IP 32 Class A – 8 Class B – 16 Class C – 24 Class A – 24 Class B – 16 Class C – 8 IPX 80 32 or less (only significant digits listed) 48 bits (MAC address) […]

Data Encapsulation

5 step Data Encapsulation Process Layer Steps Example Data Type Upper Layers User information is converted into data. The user requests that the browser open a Web page. Data Transport Data is converted into segments for tranport across the network. The Transport layer adds a header indicating that an HTTP process is requested. Segment […]

IEEE 802 Standards

IEEE = Institute for Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc.

The IEEE 802 Standards Subcommittee Subject Description 802.1 LANs Defines the general architecture of a LAN. 802.2 Logical Link Control (LLC) Allows Network layer protocols to link to Physical layer and MAC sublayer protocols. 802.3 Ethernet The Ethernet standard; defines CSMA/CD. 802.3u Fast Ethernet Defines 100Mbps […]

Network Media Characteristics

Network Media Characteristics Type Media Maximum Speed Segment Length 10base2 coaxial – 50 ohm thin 10 Mbps 185 meters (200 meters) 10Base5 coaxial – 50 ohm thick 10Mbps 500 meters 10BaseT UTP 10 to 1,000Mbps 100 meters Fiber multi-mode 10 to 1,000Mbps 2,000 meters Fiber single-mode 10 to 1,000Mbps 100,000 meters

Taken from page […]

PDU = Protocol Data Unit

Protocol Data Unit Names in Each Layer of OSI Model OSI Layer Number OSI Layer Name PDU Name 7 Application Data 6 Presentation Data 5 Session Data 4 Transport Segment 3 Network Packet 2 Data Link Frame 1 Physical Bits

Taken from page 41 of CCNA for Dummies, 2nd Ed. By Ron Gilster


The OSI Model

The OSI Model consists of 7 layers.

The Seven Layers of the OSI Reference Model Layer Description Device Protocol Application Provides network access for applications, flow control and error recovery. Provides communications services to applications by identifying and establishing the availability of other computers as well as to determine if sufficient resources exist for communication […]

Ordered CCNA books

I ordered some books to aid me in my study for my CCNA. They should be here on Thursday or Friday. Hopefully I will be able to start using them this weekend. I was looking at the book I had borrowed to study with and found that it was published in 1995. Not sure exactly […]