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Save Terminal Output

To save a script of your terminal activity you can use the ‘script’ program. Simply type: script /some/outputfile To end the recording type: exit This will generate a text file that has recorded all the activities you have carried out while the program is running. This is very useful when you want to record output […]

Adding IP Aliases to a RedHat Server

To add a IP Alias to a RedHat server you need to create a new interface file in /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/. The scripts will be named ifcfg-ethX:X. Where The first X is the interface number 0 being the first and the second X being the IP Alias number 0 being the first, etc.

The format of the […]

Immutable File under Linux

To make a file immutable on an ext2/ext3 filesystem you need to use the chattr program. Examples of its use are as follows: chattr +i filename /* Makes file immutable */ chattr -i filename /* Removes immutability from the file */

To list the special attributes of the file use:

lsattr filename