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Force SSL on a subdomain

Thanks to some help from this article I was able to force SSL on some of the pages.

RewriteEngine On RewriteCond %{SERVER_PORT} 80 RewriteRule ^(.*)$$1 [R,L]

DateTime data in a C# 2005 Masked Text Box

I had some problems getting DateTime information to display correctly in a Masked TextBox. Each time I assigned DateTime.ToShortDateString to the masked text box it would drop the leading zeros. For example the date 02/04/2007 would show up in the masked text box as 24/20/07 . The format of the ToShortDateString’s output was all wrong for what I needed. After some playing around with it this is the solution that I came up with after reading and playing with the program.

DateTimeFormatInfo myDTFI = new CultureInfo( “en-US”, false ).DateTimeFormat;
myDTFI.ShortDatePattern = “MMddyyyy”;
txtFutureDate.Text = DateTime.Now.ToString(myDTFI.ShortDatePattern);

Silly Me:
Much easier to use the following code. It is much more simplified.

txtFutureDate.Text = String.Format(“{0:MMddyyyy}”, DateTime.Now);

Copying a MySQL tables structure

CREATE TABLE new_table AS SELECT * FROM table_to_copy WHERE 1 = 0;

Applescript Notes

There are other variables available with system attribute: “HOME”: posix path to users home directory “SHELL”: posix path to users shell “USER”: users short name “LANG”: user system language as two-letter code e.g. “en_US” “PATH”: content of the PATH variable “__CF_USER_TEXT_ENCODING”: Don’t know the meaning of this


The name of it is…

It is a Ternary Coditional Operator! I always forget the actual name so here is a note…

$num = isset($value) ? $value : 256;