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Important Notes on Troubleshooting .NET HTTP applications on the localhost.

This is from the fiddler website at:

Note: Important: Regardless of other settings, .NET will always bypass the Fiddler proxy for URLs containing localhost. So, rather than using localhost, change your code to refer to the machine name. For instance:

This URL will not appear in Fiddler:


This URL will appear in Fiddler: […]

Restore a MSSQL Database From A Network Drive

If you need to restore a SQL Database from a .BAK file that is stored on a network drive. Here is the script you can use to do it.

restore database DB_NAME from disk=’\\Server_Name\Backup_Folder\Backup_File’ with move ‘DB_NAME_Data’ to ‘C:\Path_To_MDF_File\DB_NAME.mdf’, move ‘DB_NAME_log’ to ‘C:\Path_To_LDF_File\DB_NAME.ldf’

Make sure to edit the fields to the correct names and paths […]

One Week with Windows 7

So after 1 week with Windows 7 I have to say I am pretty happy. It appears to be nice and snappy. I have poked around it in many ways and haven’t found too many things to complain about.

Of the issues listed in my previous post I think I have resolved my touchpad issues. […]

Windows 7 Install

I decided to take the plunge and installed Windows 7 on my laptop, a Dell E1505… […]

Home network changes are all around

I have been a busy boy on the home networking side of things. I decided that I finally wanted to restore use of the wireless network to the bedroom again. Ever since Jill and I moved into our new rent house we have been unable to pick up any wireless signal in the bedroom with […]

I wait and it fails…

I eagerly awaited all day the time when I could come home and update my FreeBSD server to the 6.0-RELEASE. I got home ran my cvsup and started buildworld. I checked on it all evening. Finally at 12:35pm I walk in and what do I find?

makeinfo –no-split -I /storage/src/gnu/usr.bin/texinfo/doc -I /storga/src/gnu/usr.bin/texinfo/doc/../../../../contrib/texinfo/doc texinfo.texi -o […]

Netscape 7.2 Fix

Ok so there is the new IDN buffer overflow hole that has been discovered in all Mozilla products. I have played with it some and found that thankfully the same temp patch they released for FireFox 1.0.6 works for Netscape 7.2. The information page that contains the patch is located here: It also contains […]

Get the Last Insert ID from MySQL

To get the id you should use for entering a new entry into the database you can use: SELECT last_insert_id( ) FROM tablename.

Documentation Here:

Automatic Updates on FreeBSD

I run a nightly cron job to keep my ports and src up to date on my freebsd machines. I have included below the crontab entries so I don’t forget them. I know they aren’t hard but I am working on the whole documentation thing.

# This is my stuff 0 5 * * * […]

Owning a Computer

Of all things that I have to talk about let’s talk about owning your own computer. Many of you can relate to the great joy of having your own computer. You have the freedom to create and learn whatever you find or put your mind to. Computers can be great tools in education, work aids, […]

NSU Konfabulator Widget

I have developed a Konfabulator Widget and thought I would post it here for download. The widget itself isn’t anything spectacular. Remember it is my first. the widget allows the user to search three of the NSU websites using google. The sites that the user can search are: Anything ending with

If […]

Save Terminal Output

To save a script of your terminal activity you can use the ‘script’ program. Simply type: script /some/outputfile To end the recording type: exit This will generate a text file that has recorded all the activities you have carried out while the program is running. This is very useful when you want to record output […]

Printing to a PSUS4 from MacOS x.*

I recently purchased a Linksys PSUS4 print server for my Brother HL-5040 printer. The print server was an excellent price just $10. I set it up using Linksys’ provided tools and it worked great on my Windows XP machine. However when I tried to set it up on my Powerbook running MacOS 10.3 and later […]

MD5 checksums using gpg

To get a MD5 Checksum using gpg you would use the following syntax:

gpg –print-md md5 filename.txt

Setting up IP Aliasing on FreeBSD 4.x

Configure the machine with a static IP address in /etc/rc.conf

In /etc/rc.local put the following type entries. ifconfig fxp0 netmask alias ifconfig fxp0 netmask alias ifconfig fxp0 media 100baseTX mediaopt full-duplex