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Restore a MSSQL Database From A Network Drive

If you need to restore a SQL Database from a .BAK file that is stored on a network drive. Here is the script you can use to do it.

restore database DB_NAME from disk=’\\Server_Name\Backup_Folder\Backup_File’ with move ‘DB_NAME_Data’ to ‘C:\Path_To_MDF_File\DB_NAME.mdf’, move ‘DB_NAME_log’ to ‘C:\Path_To_LDF_File\DB_NAME.ldf’

Make sure to edit the fields to the correct names and paths […]

Death to Winzip!

At work I spend a decent amount of my day working with other peoples servers. Part of what I do requires me to extract hundreds or thousands of files from simple zip archives. On a new Windows Server 2003 or Windows Servers 2008 box this is no problem. However on servers this is difficult. Some administrators steeped in tradition still continue to download trial version of WinZip to their systems. These people do not seem to have caught on that Microsoft heard the message loud and clear years ago that a builtin zip solution was needed. The trial version of WinZip works great for the first few times it is used but then it wants you to register. It takes over all the archive extension associations and won’t let you use the builtin Zip handling. I am continually asking people to remove WinZip so that I can quickly and easily extract files.

For any administrators out there that read this let me suggest a few alternatives to the WinZip trial.

Built-In Zip Archive solution -Â Windows XP, Vista, 7, 2003 & 2008 all include built-in support for server creating, modifying and extracting files from zip archives.
7-zip – 7-zip is a wonderful FREE zip solution. Check it out.

One Week with Windows 7

So after 1 week with Windows 7 I have to say I am pretty happy. It appears to be nice and snappy. I have poked around it in many ways and haven’t found too many things to complain about.

Of the issues listed in my previous post I think I have resolved my touchpad issues. […]

Windows 7 Install

I decided to take the plunge and installed Windows 7 on my laptop, a Dell E1505… […]

Active Directory Logon Server

The Windows environment variable %LOGONSERVER% keeps the name of the server your PC used to the Active Directory with.

Windows Info

winmsd at a run prompt will bring up all the info on your MS Windows system.

Refreshing Machine Info in WINS

To refresh a machines information in WINS you need to run the following command from the commandline: nbtstat -RR

There are lots of little things that nbtstat can do for you on a windows machine. Check it out sometime.